Başkent Emlak Konutları Masdaf'ı Tercih Etti!
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Başkent Emlak Konutları Masdaf'ı Tercih Etti!

Başkent Emlak Konutları Masdaf'ı Tercih Etti!

“Masdaf” preferred for Pump and Booster Systems of

Baskent Real Estate Houses


Başkent Emlak Konutları project is one of the prestigious projects conducted by Emlak Konut GYO in Ankara. Within the scope of the project planned to be completed and delivered to the buyers at the end of 2019, there are 1478 apartments consisting of 24 blocks, commercial areas, primary school and health facility.

The project, which is built close to Ankara's important institutions and education units, is 4 kilometers away from Atakule.

In Başkent Emlak Konutları project, Masdaf branded

  • Genio series booster units with integrated frequency inverter and complete stainless steel motor,
  • Genio series circulating pumps with integrated frequency inverter with motor,
  • Modul A series wet rotor frequency converter pumps
  • Enduro series wastewater pumps were preferred.

The inverter system used in the pump and booster systems will provide communication between the pumps via RS 485 cable and 6 pumps can work together with the option of multiple pump system. Remote access to the system will also be provided with the Modbus feature. In addition, pressure, current, frequency, motor speed, output power, output voltage, set pressure values can be read instantly from the graphic LCD display on the inverter. This allows the total operating hours of each pump to be monitored and real-time peer aging.

Innovative pump and booster systems, commissioned by Masdaf will provide energy efficient use during the lifetime of a building, thus enabling energy-saving.