Surface Type Sewage and Wastewater Pumps


  • Thanks to a special impeller designs (X Type Free-Vortex
    Impeller, S Type Single Vane Impeller and D Type Double Vane
    Impeller) this series is used different fields and different kinds
    of waste can be pump depending on the impeller structure.
    • This series can be coupled with diesel engine and
    high-efficiency IE2 or IE3 (Optional) class electric motor.
    • Thanks to back pull out design, the rotating parts of the pump
    are provided to change for maintenance and repair without
    removing suction and discharge line.
    • An extended service life is achieved by generously dimensioned shafts and bearings.
    • Various assembly options are possible - mono block, coupling,
    belt driven and vertical assembly.
    • Different accessory options are available to extend mobility
    and protection of the pump - Stationery Cabinet System,
    Mobile Cabinet System and trailer assembly options.

Discharge Flange DN 50 – DN 300
Impeller Dia. ø140 – ø430 mm
Flow Range 20-1500 m3/h 
Head Range 10-50 m
Speed Up to 3600 rpm
Operating Pressure 10 bar


Surface Type Sewage and
Wastewater Pumps


  • Water treatment plants
    • Flooded water transfer
    • Liquids containing sludge, fibrous and solid particles
    • Domestic and industry sewage
    • Activated sludget