• Single stage in-line type centrifugal pumps are produced with
standard motors and mechanical seal.
• Pump flanges are designed in PN 16 pressure category
compatible with DIN 2533. The suction and discharge
flanges are identical and are on the same axis. Both flanges are
equipped with pressure gage tapings.
• Single entry, closed impeller is equipped with rear rings to
balance thrust and is dynamically balanced.
• Motor is connected to the pump by an adaptor and a flange.
• Motor shaft is joined to pump shaft by a special clamp. In the
case of motors with power over a certain value the pump and
the motor shafts are joined by separate rigid coupling.
• Pump shaft, motor and other parts can be removed without
replacing the suction and discharge flanges and the pump
volute. Thus, assembly and maintenance procedures are
carried out very easily
• Standard asynchronous motor is used to activate pump.
• In NMM pumps shaft leakage is prevented by a mechanical
seal. All radial and thrust forces are supported by the motor

Suction Flange DN 40...DN 250
Discharge Flange DN 40...DN 250
Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Casing Test Pressure 13 Bar
Working Temperature -25 – 120°C 
Flow Range 2 – 520 m³ / h
Head Range 2 - 105 m
Speed Range 900 – 3600 rpm


In-Line Centrifugal Pumps


Water supply and pumping stations.
• Irrigation , sprinkling, drainage processes.
• Tank systems.
• Hot-cold water circulation in cooling systems.
• Pumping of condensed water.
• Swimming pool water circulation.
• Industrial and social installations.
• Fresh water and sea water pumping in ships.