Masdaf has Moved to New Head Office!
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Masdaf has Moved to New Head Office!

Masdaf has Moved to New Head Office!

Masdaf, the innovative brand of the pump industry, continues to grow strongly and steadily.

Masdaf that has moved to the new head office it bought in Tuzla; offers a brand-new working experience to its employees in the office, which was designed based on dynamism, comfort, environment and corporate identity elements.

Masdaf has moved its head office in Istanbul to the office it recently purchased in Tuzla in order to continue its activities more efficiently, which increased in parallel with the developing business volume. Masdaf, in its new 6-floor center built on an area of 12.000 square meters with 8.500 square meters of indoor space, offers its employees; offers high comfort and advanced technological infrastructure.

Interior design project, made by Yonca Sirmen Architectural Office; on each floor of the office, which was designed based on dynamism, comfort, environment and corporate identity elements, there are meeting rooms equipped with new technologies, personal and common work areas, coffee corners, social areas, a showroom where Masdaf customers can experience all pump and booster solutions, Mas Academy applied product training areas and a conference hall with a capacity of 80 people.

Masdaf Board Member Denizhan POLATOĞLU, who summarized the purpose of the relocation with the phrase “the very self of change”, explained that as Masdaf, they continue to change in every field. POLATOĞLU said: “The change that started with the renewal of the corporate identity structure of our brand in 2020 continues with our new office. Our main goal was to move to such a facility for our growth, development, and modernization targets that we planned to achieve in the medium and long term as a company. Because this innovation we experience physically will also be a supporting element for our change and development efforts.

Our offices are the places where we spend the most time after our home. That is why we put the human at the center of our office's design work. In our new office, which we designed to positively affect the motivation of our employees, we have designed common working areas that will allow them to socialize and work in interaction.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we aimed to provide our employees with healthy working environments all day long by establishing ventilation systems that will provide optimum indoor air quality in working and socializing areas.”

Stating that as Masdaf, they care about the carbon footprint and environmental effects of climate change both in the products they develop and, in the investments, POLATOĞLU stated that they have adopted an environmentalist approach in Masdaf's new office. POLATOĞLU continued his words as follows: “We have made improvements in our new office building to minimize environmental effects. In this context, we have established a system on the roof of our building that collects rainwater, filters it, and sends it to the raw water tank in order to recycle water. We aimed to prevent water wastage by using the water accumulated in the tank directly in garden irrigation and in areas where it is needed.

We saved energy by obtaining the hot water in the building from the solar collectors we installed on the roof.

We aimed to minimize the energy consumption of the building due to heating and cooling with the smart and advanced technology air source heat pumps that we use. We also preferred fixtures that consume less energy.

The landscaping of our building was also done with the understanding of sustainable landscaping. We aimed to ensure the continuity of the flora by choosing plants suitable for the climatic conditions of Istanbul. In short, we have adopted an environmentalist approach in our new office, which is compatible with nature and focused on recycling.”

Masdaf continues to be a pioneer in its sector and contribute to sustainable development by adopting an environmentalist approach with its investments, as well as the smart pump solutions it has developed.