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Masdaf, the leading brand in the pump industry; It is a member of Europump (Association of European Pump Manufacturers), which was established in 1960 and represents 450 pump manufacturers with a turnover of 10 billion Euros today, and is active in the efficiency of systems in the constantly developing pump industry, promotion and growth of the pump industry.



Masdaf; Turkey Pump Industry manufacturer to bring together the knowledge and insight to prepare they will do media exchanges, training and conduct increasing activities of quality, creating opportunities for joint projects, voicing common problems in a variety of platforms, and endeavors to solve the problem, introducing the industry, increasing the competitiveness and was established in 1996 in order to take the necessary initiatives in international organizations and with the decision taken in 2005, it started to represent the manufacturers of centrifugal and displacement pumps and components together with the manufacturers of domestic and industrial valves and components and changed its name to "Turkish Pump and Valve Industrialists Association". He is a member of POMSAD.