Mobile Fire Sets
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Mobile Fire Sets

Mobile Fire Sets

Features of Mobile Fire Sets
• Provides practical and easy installation in places requiring mobility and rapid fire extinguishing solution. Industrial plants, mining, agriculture, energy sectors and building systems, easy installation and maintenance operations and provides effective solutions for fire fighting applications.
• Can be installed quickly and responds immediately to fire hazard.
• Special design is made according to different conditions and needs.
• It has stable and efficient working properties for a long time.
• Portable fire extinguishing systems are applied to all our fire group pumps (such as YNM, YPSP and YPH series).
• Filler wheel or wheel rim with a load-indexable traffic index, signal-controllable from the towing vehicle for safety of right-left turns, vibration damping absorber on travel or scissors.
• It allows the use of multiple pumps to meet the requirements in line with the needs.

• It can be manufactured from trailers of international standards.
• Provides great advantages with its cabin and sheltered design, especially if it cannot be located in a building, especially in places such as a protected area, if desired, also designed as a cabin.
• When the container system is used, it protects the pump from the negative effects of the external environment and prevents the transmission of pump noise to the external environment.
• Trailer and cabin designs; It can be easily transported by truck, truck, train, ship, airplane and can be lifted by crane.

Pump Model Motor Power Capacity Range Pressure Range
NM 40-250 34 kW 30-60 m3/h 8-10 bar
NM 50-250 50 kW 60-100 m3/h 8-10 bar
NM 50-315 65 kW 60-100 m3/h 10-12 bar
NM 65-250 65 kW 100-160 m3/h 8-10 bar
NM 65-315 90 kW 120-200 m3/h 10-13 bar
NM 80-250 90 kW 150-280 m3/h 8-10 bar