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R & D at Masdaf

Masdaf is one of the few companies developing and designing new models in 1977 with the principle of using water and energy effectively and thus protecting the living resources, developing and producing environmentally and innovative “pump technologies“ that provide energy efficiency. Focusing on R & D investments, Masdaf, whose goal is to develop innovative products at world standards, offers competitive pump systems in domestic and international markets at affordable prices.

Every year to develop pump technologies; It continues its investments by allocating a budget to human resources, education, technology and pump software systems, which it sees as the “key to success”.

R & D at Masdaf; Istanbul Tuzla Factory is located in 3 locations: Patternshop and Düzce Factory.

Masdaf R & D department; There are 10 engineers, 4 draftsmen and 5 technical personnel working in product tests.

Masdaf, which produces advanced pumping technologies that will create added value for our country and increase our competitiveness in the international market, is preparing to implement a world-class “R & D Center pompa in the pump sector with its R & D and innovation studies.