Vision & Mission

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To become a well-known and preferred brand in the world in terms of its product, service quality and engineering solutions in fluid systems.


To produce sustainable, environmentally friendly, high-quality distinctive pumps and fluid systems in world standards by supporting our dynamic and innovative structure which we have established in the light of our values and knowledge, with the strength we get from our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our Values

Established in 1977 based on the principle for ensuring effective use of water and energy, Mas Daf offers products and services on innovative pump and fluid technologies developed as per the global standards with their highly responsible approach to their stakeholders. The main principles adopted as a result of this approach of responsibility are as follows:

Integrity and Reliability

Masdaf conducts its relations with their stakeholders within the framework of mutual trust and integrity.

Environment-Friendly Approach

Established in 1977 based on the principle for ensuring effective use of water and energy, and thus the protection of vital resources, Mas Daf cares to protect the environment in all their activities.


Masdaf always prioritizes quality. And aims to provide products and services beyond the expectations of their customers.

Being Innovative

Masdaf always improves its pumping systems as per the global standards with an innovative perspective.

Being Customer-Oriented

The first priority for Masdaf is to provide effective solutions in line with changing customer requirements. Masdaf aims to provide their customers an excellent experience both during and after the purchase.

Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

The first key to success in Masdaf is the “human resources”. Thus, it is aimed to provide the conditions to motivate the employees and to make Mas Daf one of the companies that the individuals want to be employed most in the pump industry.