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Human Resources Mission at Masdaf

For us, human is one of our most important corporate values.

As Masdaf, we create and implement systems that are compatible with our targets and strategies, and by continuously improving these systems; We aim to contribute to the creation of sustainable competitive advantage through our success-oriented colleagues.

Human Resources Vision at Masdaf

To ensure that Masdaf's labor needs are met,
To create a transparent and reliable communication environment where teamwork is supported, participation and corporate awareness is ensured,
Performing remuneration and rewarding practices with systematic approaches,
To ensure the adoption of a fair performance system in which employees are followed and appreciated,
To take the necessary actions for the career plans of our colleagues in line with Masdaf's goals and needs and to provide them with a beautiful career journey.
To create and manage the integrated systems necessary to carry our company to a better future by following the internationally accepted modern human resources practices.
Purpose of Masdaf Human Resources Department

The aim of Masdaf Human Resources department is; evaluating human resources in the best way in line with the company vision; to employ qualified labor force, to prepare the necessary infrastructure for the realization of the goals of the company, to develop, to establish a learning and creative organization using modern management techniques.

The first key to success in Masdaf is the “human resource”. Our employees have a great share in achieving our goals.

We believe that our human resources should be composed of individuals capable of realizing their vision and strategies, providing the conditions that will motivate them and managing all of them effectively. For this reason, as Masdaf's human resources department, our aim is; We aim to ensure that Mas Daf, the pioneer brand of the pump industry, is among the companies that are wanted to work. For this purpose, under the roof of Human Resources;

Remuneration and Benefits,
HR Strategies and Organizational Development,
Labor and Social Security Law,
We conduct our work on personnel personnel activities in an integrated manner. We work together to design Human Resources strategies in a way that meets the requirements of the age and to produce value, to implement these practices, to spread them to the community and to continuously improve them depending on the changing needs.

Career Planning at Masdaf

Masdaf, the pioneer brand in the pump industry, continuously monitors the development of its employees and measures their performance within the scope of “Target and Competence Based Performance Management System.. This system, implemented by the relevant department managers, enables the employees to direct their careers and provide them with training and development opportunities to develop their careers. It is based on the idea of ​​creating a system that contributes to both individual and organizational development.

Focusing on the rewarding of success, Masdaf has adopted a remuneration system based on performance, job descriptions and market. This wage policy, which is based on business evaluation, aims to ensure that wages are competitive and compatible with the market. In addition, annual market wage surveys are used in determining the remuneration practices.